With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and an MBA, I took the less obvious career path and moved into website design and development. Over the course of that career I have built and maintained websites for state and federal agencies, banks, university research centers, software companies, a museum, as well as smaller private companies and individuals. A MacGyver-type developer, I've created graphics, coded applications, written support documentation, set up webservers and databases, and fixed website problems wherever they popped up. And while I have yet to fix a server with duct-tape, a paperclip and a stick of gum, I have been known to spend a day soldering cables when needed.

Completing the Drupal 7 Upgrade

In my previous blog entry, I mentioned that there was an error thrown during the Drupal 7 upgrade process for the Statistics module. Since I've been delving into the database to fix a problem with the Views module (which will probably my next blog entry), I figured it was time to do a quick look for a solution as it was most likely also a database issue.

Today I finally solved this problem. To be exact, this was the error I was getting:

Upgrading to Drupal 7.x

This week I decided it was time to update, upgrade and generally do something with my website. Usually when people ask about my website, I trot out the old saying "The cobbler's children have no shoes." I'm so busy working on other websites that I never have time to work on my own.

And then there's the issue of not really knowing what to do with this site, other than posting my resume and links to some of my work. So I recently came to the conclusion that since hardly anyone ever visits my site (as evidenced by my Google analytics reports), I would use it to post notes to myself. Because I do so many different tasks, there are many times where I spend a chunk of time working out how to do something, then move on to the next task, only to have to spend time figuring it out again months later when a similar task comes up. And generally these aren't programming tasks that can be documented in code for future reference. So now I'm going to do a little bit of documentation whenever I solve some tricky problem so that I can replicate the process next time.

And the first item I'll document is the process of upgrading this site from Drupal 6.x to Drupal 7.x.

Facebook account security

Hopefully, you've never had someone hijack your Facebook account. It happens to people all the time. And I've just learned of a Facebook setting that will help you know if someone besides yourself accesses your account.

Under the 'Account' menu, select 'Account Settings'. Scroll down until you see the 'Account Security' section and click 'change'. You'll see a section call 'Account Activity' - here you will (hopefully) just see a listing of the most recent times and locations where you have logged into Facebook. If you see something hokey (i.e., it says you are still logged in from Moscow when you've never set foot outside Ohio) you will want the end that activity. And then you might want to change your FB password.

Facebook "Instant Personalization"

As of yesterday, there is a NEW PRIVACY setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares data with non-Facebook websites and it is automatically set to "Allow."

As resident web-geek, I had a look at this... It shares only what you have set to share with 'Everyone' in your privacy settings. However, FB privacy settings are set to completely open as default. So, if you have not already taken care of this, what you REALLY need to do, if you've not done it, is go to the Account > Privacy Settings menu item (top right corner) and take the time to drill through all the items there. This not only will protect you NOW at the level privacy you want, it will protect you in the future when FB adds some stupid new sharing 'feature' like this.

Not that I'm saying you shouldn't go uncheck that box, if you want to, it's just that, if you already have your settings such that you limit what you share, it's not really a big issue.

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