Facebook account security

Hopefully, you've never had someone hijack your Facebook account. It happens to people all the time. And I've just learned of a Facebook setting that will help you know if someone besides yourself accesses your account.

Under the 'Account' menu, select 'Account Settings'. Scroll down until you see the 'Account Security' section and click 'change'. You'll see a section call 'Account Activity' - here you will (hopefully) just see a listing of the most recent times and locations where you have logged into Facebook. If you see something hokey (i.e., it says you are still logged in from Moscow when you've never set foot outside Ohio) you will want the end that activity. And then you might want to change your FB password.

Then have a look at the 'Login Notifications' section just above the activity section. Turn these notifications on. Should someone log into your FB account from a computer you've never used, you will get an email or SMS notification (assuming you've set those up in your FB account). At which point, should you get a message saying you've just logged on from Poughkeepsie when you are in Boise, you can go back to this account settings page, end that activity, and then change your password.

Just a little time can prevent the embarrassment of explaining to all your FB friends that you didn't post THAT photo.